I mean, when you are thinking about doing marketing, you are thinking about doing digital marketing.

Because nowadays it is crucial, it is trendy & there you can find your audience. (The perfect target)

The expectation of traditional marketing is no longer the same; most of us are on our smartphones while the TV is on.

Digital marketing is based on the user’s behavior, and what they want, for example, if you are searching to get a new pair of shoes, the next ad will be about shoes.

But in traditional marketing all you see is a billboard or an ad on tv, just take as an example yourself if you see a chair in a billboard, are you really that guy who is looking for a chair?

But if you are searching online for chairs, for example, where can I buy chairs, this is what you are looking for, and of course that the ads will be about chairs.

Why do traditional marketing, why tell everybody that you sell chairs, that’s ok for brand awareness, but for most of the small and medium companies is too expensive, in the other hand in online marketing you get shown directly to the user who is searching for you.

I’m not saying that Traditional Marketing is all bad, no it has its own benefits.

If you have enough budget, then give it a try.

Test as much as possible so that you will get to know your audience better, and see what works best for you.

Also, not every time you search for shoes, you will see after ads of shoes, this is only the best scenario, it depends how good the shoe company did they marketing and target… 😜