But the real problem is that they forgot about „Now“, that you can change things starting from now, Immediately!

Want a better body?
Put your phone down start doing some pushups, write a 90-day plan and start doing it. (I know it’s harder in practice but in the end, it’s not, just do it.)

Also, the „failed people“ term, exists only in their minds, and to the people who can not understand it. So why not get rid of it? Why do you keep listening to people who can not understand?

Failure is Experience.

For me It is the same as if you tell people that evolution is real and they say, we are not Monkeys! (laughs all around)

The social laws are created by us, and it’s like Wikipedia, is not all bad, but everyone can edit it, so a lot of people who have little to no research can edit it, and the worst part is that we support that because is very funny.

That’s how a form of Judgment is created.

One good joke and someone can never wear a cloth again, say something, take risks or face fears. (basically, it lowers self-love.)

And some things have changed because all the big problems have started small, and if you didn’t learn to fight them then you can not access your full power, because you are more concerned about what other people think than changing your way of thinking. (or doing something about it)

All this leads to Depression which leads to isolation, and the ending is different for all.

This post is still in ongoing research, so I may have to write some followups once I have more clarity on them 🙂